Atlanta Rising

*Notice* City Creation and Guest Stars Redux

Lady and gents, while we won’t be doing the City Creation and Guest Starts Redux session until we complete the adventure with Kyle Weisenburg and Lawrence “Larry” McDunnough, there is quite a bit that I hope you will all consider before that session comes up.

First of all, there’s the issue of how everyone treats Marco Verde. Guys… I can’t in good conscience tell you to treat Marco differently in-character, but please remember that this guy fought trolls with you and met a high Sidhe and a goddess face-to-face, and he fought demons and vampires with his bare hands well before the party even really met each other. He doesn’t need as much ‘help’ as everyone seems to think he does. Just give it some thought.

Now that that unpleasantness is out of the way: let’s talk city creation! (Yay!) In the city creation session, we’ll be talking about what kinds of adventures you want to have, what kind of villains you want to meet, what kind of friends you want to make, etc. By the time we play, I should have tentative sheets up for the NPCs you’ve already met who may make a comeback. I want all of you to give thought to some of the people your characters can or should know. Other things to consider would be where you want the story to take your character, or what effect you want your character to have on the city of Atlanta.

As for the guest stars redux slot: I’m going to give y’all some options for how to fill it. After this adventure is completed, we WILL be discussing an ‘off screen’ adventure you all share. This will be considered canon for all intents and purposes, even if that adventure is not where you choose to take your new aspect from. You may choose to declare an aspect from either the Their Eyes Were Watching or Friends in Need adventures as well. The off screen adventure will be totally up to you guys. It does not have to include Puck or any other NPC you’ve met, though it can if you want it to. The important thing is that it is another experience that you all share and can relate to in order to better tie the party together as a group of friends and allies instead of as independent characters who occasionally ask each other for help.

As I said on Facebook, my brother and I will be out of town on Friday, and even if the hotel has Wi-Fi, we’ll be with family most of the evening, so there won’t be any DFRPG that night. Next week, we’ll pick up with Larry’s unsuccessful attack against Nash and go from there. Until then, guys, have a great week!



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