Atlanta Rising

An Exorcism and the Goblin Market

In session, the group dispacted with Weisenburg (Marco helpfully smashing the wizard’s face into the pavement a few times) and helped Larry get to Father Rodriguez’s church to have the demon exorcized from him before it left his body the way it did his teacher’s. Nash’s car is ruined, but that’s okay because he stole Weisenburg’s (for the time being) so Marco could take Nash’s car to get repaired. They then took Larry to the hospital to treat his concusion and Nash offered Larry sanctuary in his bar, should he need it. As far as can be told, Tara and Jeter got away and Weisenburg’s house was on fire when the party left.

After the session, we discussed the “Guest Stars Redux” adventure. The party heard of a Goblin Market being hosted in Atlanta and went to visit for various reasons. Nash went to purchase some goods for one of his employees, Elizabeth (or “Liz”), a shy woman who has severe anxiety about dealing with any supernatural powers, be they fey or the White Counsil. Constance was there at the Counsil’s behest, providing ‘security’ of sorts to the proceedings. Marco went with Ella and Rico to keep them from making any bad deals. Finally, Berl went to try and determine what had happened to his parents’ debt.

While the party members were each minding their own business, a cry rang out. Someone had stolen the Sword of Summer! While at first all the eyes turned to the suspicious mortals (i.e., the party) because they smelled of Summer (because of their standing arrangement with Lord Summerhill) and of Puck (Constance, of course, being exempt from suspicion because she’s never dealt with either fae), it was quickly determined that only a wyldfae could have taken the sword without the other faes’ knowledge.

The party does not know (though the group decided out of character) that the sword had been taken by a goblin named Jolly Roger, an ally or associate of Puck’s. Berl was able to make a deal with a Winter fairy called Abby that if he returned the sword to the market before it was too late, he would have his parents’ debt given to him.



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