Atlanta Rising

And It Was Good

(The contents of this log spans the last two game sessions.)
Marco and Lt. Montgomery found when they went to church that Father Rodriguez seemed to be missing. They went looking for him and discovered that he seemed to have been kidnapped. Marco got Nash to help him investigate, and, in order to keep Montgomery from hassaling them as they worked, they revealed that Nash could shapeshift and that magic is real to her. They continued their investegation and determined that the attacker would have to be a short, slight woman based on a few clues. They found the father in a restaraunt, badly beaten. Montomery opted to take him to the hospital. Constance met up with them at the church. They went back to the church to look for more clues and determined that the woman had ransacked Rodriguez’s office looking for something, and that a man named Father Montoya had given the mass in Father Rodriguez’s place. The also found that someone called M had sent Rodriguez a letter stating that he did not believe that “the child of the left hand of God” was “ready”. When Constance tried to trace the sender, she learned that the sender was directly above them— way up there— and that his trail was a bright and pure light. They got ahold of Berl to try and determine what the left hand of God actually is. Berl, unfortunately, wasn’t sure. The party went to speak to Rodriguez while Constance consulted the other Wardens on the issue. Rodriguez believed his attacker was a woman he had seen a few times before, but neither knew her name nor was willing to elaborate on the contents of his letter. He asked them to speak to one of the nuns, Sister Serena, but they spoke to Montoya instead. He was brusque and unhelpful. As they were leaving, they met up with Rico, who told them Ella had been missing for a few days. Constance and Marco went back to the hospital and the two Sams went to Ella’s house to follow her trail. They found that Ella was in a hotel and called Constance and Marco to join them. The party heard her inside and she claimed to be ill, but when they went to get the manager to open the door, she seemed to have jumped out the window and run off. Nash and Berl chased her down while Marco and Constance tried to smooth things over with the manager, and Berl slowed her down by using his Incite Emotion ability on her. She tricked some locals into thinking that the Sams were harrasing her and she fled to Rico’s appartment. Marco and Constance went to catch up with her, and when they had, they found she had killed the person who gave her a ride over and had a knife to an unconscious Rico’s throat. Nash and Berl caught up shortly. Being that they couldn’t attack Ella without risking hurting Rico, Marco dared the demon to possess him instead, and the demon found the offer too good to pass up. The demon tried to use Marco to do harm to his party members, but they managed to contain him until Rodriguez arrived. Rodrguez was carrying the Spear of Destiny and he gave it to Berl to protect while Marco was possessed. With the help of the father and the party, as well as by his own strength of conviction, Marco banished the demon from his body. It left Rodriguez even more wearied than he had been, and the party called an ambulence for him, Ella, and Rico. Berl took the sword to the church and dunked it in holy water and tried to protect it in a circle, but Montoya revealed his own power by stepping through the circle and retrieving the Spear from the water. When the rest of the party caught up to him, Montoya revealed that Marco’s father had been the left hand of God, and that after this trial, Marco had proven himself worthy of the title and the Spear if he chose to accept it, or to find another left hand if he did not. He gave the Spear to Marco to defend until he made his decision.



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