Atlanta Rising

Dream Weaver

(Thanks Chris for typing this up!)

  A new box of Western themed items was delivered to Nash to decorate his bar. While his father’s continued insistence on a Western theme annoyed him, one item in particular caught his eye: an elaborate (and, perhaps more importantly, authentic looking) dreamcatcher, which he proceeded to find a spot for. That night, he discovers that both he and the Andrew, a former Red Court infected, are having lucid semi-shared dreams. After he and Andy talk, Andy goes back to sleep, but suddenly starts sleepwalking, accusing Nash of being “her”. Worse, whatever is causing his dream is apparently able to partly reproduce his former Red Court abilities. After finding a safer position, Nash calls Constance for backup and shifts to coyote form (confusing Andrew). Once Constance arrives, they are able to subdue and awaken him, which re-removes his powers.           

At this point, Constance experiences a nightmarish vision of a man trapped in a tree, and decides to open up a portal to the Nevernever and investigate immediately (with Nash following to keep an eye on her), much to the annoyance of Berl, who is awakened very early in the morning to treat second degree burns after the two meet the world’s stealthiest chimera (it rolled a 9 stealth).

Once their wounds are bandaged and Berl told about the dreams, the three deduce that the dreamcatcher is probably to blame, and Nash calls his father for information on it. Apparently, it belonged to Nash’s recently deceased great uncle, who trained some of the younger Nashs in shapeshifting, but Nash’s father assumed it was not a magic item. Upon being informed of its effects, he arranged for Nash’s second cousin to pick it up in a couple of days. In the meaintime, Berl, Constance, and Andrew, placed the dreamcatcher under a ward to prevent anymore lucid dreams.



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