Atlanta Rising

Friends in Need

This session, the boys were at first worried about the investigation of the warden Constance Esther Grace Harper, but before they could be too worried about her, they found themselves in the middle of an investigation of their own. The cadaver of Shequan Thatcher brought into Sam Berl‘s class was apparently possessed by a demon, bad news by anyone’s reckoning. The asked Father Rodriguez about what he knew, and were advised that the man could either have put the demon in himself or have had the demon put in him by someone else. They quickly determined that he could not have done it to himself, and that it was likely that he was attacked because he was worried about an abused student of his, Lawrence “Larry” McDunnough. They decided to confront Larry’s mentor, Kyle Weisenburg, and quickly learned that the mentor was in league with their old friend, Puck, having exchanged his foster son Cameron Dodd for the name of the demon. The session ended with Weisenburg’s associate Derrick Jeter and girlfriend Tara Shane trying to deter then, and Weisenburg bewitching or possessing Larry, and the boy then attacking Nash.



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