Atlanta Rising

Holes in the Wall

The arriaval of the man with the sword pretty well ended the conflict between the party and the goblins. He was fairly cordial, but despite his manner, the party was hesitant to trust him. When asked, he could not give them his lord’s name, nor was he helpful in describing what his lord looked like. He did allow them to question Roger, which proved slightly more helpful than not. Roger may have been ordered to serve the man with the sword, but whoever their master is did not permit him to disclose it’s location to the party, even at the man’s command.

The party left the Never-Never and were harassed by a little old lady whose backyard they had chased Roger into. She threatened to shoot them, so they reconvened at The Last Howl. There they met with Adrian Paul, who was most distressed over his son, Caleb Paul, having gone missing. The group opted to split up— the two Sams waited until the dead of night to try and look for the missing Sword of Summer and Constance and Marco set off to find little Caleb.

The Sams quickly located the sword without much of a conflict. Marco and Constance, on the other hand, ran into some trouble. Their trail led them back to Weisenburg’s home. They broke down the door and as they looked around, Marco got hit in the head with a book. Caleb was at the top of the stairs, standing behind another boy he called “Cammy”. Cammy was determined to keep Caleb away from them, and mentioned taking him back through a “hole in the wall” to where he could see more “monsters”. Fortunately, Marco and Constance were able to convince the boy to call his father and go home, but Cammy ran into his room— presumably through the hole in the wall back to the Never-Never. Caleb didn’t understand why his father was so worried: he believed he had only been gone for an hour.



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