Atlanta Rising

Locations and Aspects

This is related to city creation. Some of the areas in the Locations page are going to have aspects. Most of them will be discussed in the city creation meeting. I’m not going to assign aspects to all of them because they may not match what you all have in mind for them. I have no problem assuming St. John’s Church has the aspect “Holy Ground” because, well, duh. But, I don’t know if Marco’s shop is “Just Shy of a Scrap Yard” or if it’s “Our New Place”. Likewise, is the Last Howl “Warded,” “Accorded Neutrality Pending,” or “A Seedy, Shady Joint?” (I’m not going to grant it Neutrality automatically because I think earning that might set up a cool story.)

Give thought to what kind of place your characters live in, as well. Constance may still be living out of boxes in her new apartment or she may have settled quickly, while Nash may be comfortably living in a messy bachelor pad above his bar or he may have a cabin in the woods he commutes back and forth to. Marco could bounce back and forth between his friends’ apartments, or he may rent a house for all of his posse to stay at until they find their own places. Berl has money, so he could probably afford his own house, but he may be living instead in an apartment paid for by the University. It’s all up to you! Be sure to give your homes a distinct aspect as well as some description.



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