Atlanta Rising

On the Prowl

The party gathered to find the Sword of Summer and set off. Constance got them started on the right path by using a spell to trace the Sword itself, but as they traveled, the trail got weaker and she became too frustrated to hold the focus she needed to find it. Nash took over the hunt by transforming and trying to catch a familiar scent. At first, he was surprised to smell fey all over a particular garden, but one smell in particular caught his attention: the smell of seawater. After a while, he noticed he was being watched and made chase. The party followed him (unfortunately leaving his clothes behind), and they chased their quarry into the Never-never.

In the Never-never, they nearly ran headfirst into three tallish (for fey: still shorter than Constance by nearly a head), thin, hunched goblins, each with a distinct scent: the smell of seawater, the smell of coal and fire, and the smell of ozone and thin air. These goblins were not happy to have someone intruding on what the one who smelled of seawater called “the realm that was a gift to our master.” They refused to give the party passage further into the Never-never, nor would they give them a guide. Marco didn’t like their attitude, so he started a fight with them. At one point, he even threw Nash (in coyote form) at the goblin who smelled like seawater and knocked the fey unconscious. While the battle raged on, another portal opened into the Never-never, and a tall, stocky man with a mangy beard and a sword on his back stepped in. He seemed quite bewildered to see the party and asked what was going on. His answer may come next session.



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