Atlanta Rising

The Bonds of Love

This adventure began focusing on Gina Swanson, “CJ” Caleb Joseph Patterson, George Howard, and Xander. They learned that young men all over were committing suicide for no obvious reason, and they were tasked to find the culprit before he or she killed anyone else in Atlanta. A victim had been found at Emory, a young man who apparently committed suicide after his girlfriend came to visit from New York. The girlfriend, however, had an alibi— people could conclusively prove that she had not ever left New York, and the party determined the cause of the boy’s death must have been connected to the imposter. While they were looking for clues, they saw Dr. Reginald Smythe catch up with a very young, and very beautiful, woman. They found this strange because Smythe was about 25 years the young woman’s senior, and he seemed intimately familiar with her. They also sensed magic around her, and so they followed the couple.

They overheard that the woman was very interested in the hostility between Smythe and Berl. They grew concerned for Smythe’s safety when she left a $20 bill for a cheap meal and he took the change— accepting a gift from her inadvertently. CJ and Xander followed Smythe to protect him, while Gina and George followed the woman. She determined that she was working for Puck and that he had offered her goblins in exchange for whatever she was doing. When he noticed that they were watching him and the woman talk, they both left. Gina and George went to warn Berl about Puck’s hostile intent through Nash.

The adventure shifted to focus on the main party members, save for Constance. She had been called away on Warden business. Gina, Nash, and George began to see a woman clad in white with white hair and blood on her face pounding on the inside of reflective surfaces, apparently tormented. They discussed the woman in the mirrors for a while until a red-headed man came in rudely demanding a drink and service. Marco tried to calm the man, but he was having none of it. They quickly realized the man was Puck and tried to get him to let them be. He had no apparent interest in throwing the first punch, so when Gina offered to keep an eye on him, Nash, Berl, and George went to try and summon the woman and see if she had answers for them that Puck did not want them to know.

The woman who came out of the mirror was quickly revealed to be Erica Swanson, Gina’s mother.



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