Atlanta Rising

What Price Inspiration?

Tensions errupted at the Goblin Market as Berl brought the Sword of Summer. Abby was frustrated that he didn’t give the sword to her and gave him a “gift” or attacked him (depending on your point of view). When he returned to Nash’s bar, Berl suddenly got hit with a burst of inspiration and began scribbling a paper on a new surgical technique. Nash snapped him out of it by pouring cold water on him and Berl panicked, believing that he would become affected like that again. He locked himself in a circle for the night to protect himself.

Constance and Marco went home for the night. The next day, Marco was greated by a woman named Vanessa who claimed to be his mother’s sister. She seems to want to become a part of Marco’s life in a way she hadn’t been before. Constance, meanwhile, noticed a fifth-grade girl named Alyssa seemed to have a not-so-imaginary invisible friend and Cameron Dodd liked to torment her over it. She learned, though, that Alyssa used to be a very depressed child, and ever since she ‘made up’ this friend, she has been much happier and healthier.

Berl decided that he had to finish the paper he had been doing, so he made arragements with Nash to bribe Abby to give him some more inspiration with good absinthe. She agreed to give him what he needed, and he began to finish his paper. As soon as he finished, he fell to the ground, unconscious. He was dazed when he woke, and will be pretty out of it for a fair while.



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