The Green Fairy


Aspect: The Green Fairy

Abby is a pixie of inspiration. She can give you a bonus of some kind to help when planning something or attempting to be creative. Usually this can be a simple +2 or in story bonus (like a hint), but for a good favor, she can even grant you the use of an extra Fate point. However, her brew does intoxicate the user for anywhere from one hour (for a lesser ‘inspiration’) to one week (for a greater ‘inspiration’), and deals one psychic and one social stress. Plus, many find that once they seek Abby’s help once, they tend to go back to her over and over again…


“Abby” is the nickname Don Marquis gives her, not her True Name. Abby has been a helper to artists for generations, and therefore for a pixie, she’s rather large (about two and a half feet tall). She sees no need for clothes, and she has long green hair to cover herself if she gets a sense that the mortal who summoned her is modest or a prude. Her skin is also green tinted from her hands to her upper arms and from her feet to her mid-thighs, giving he the appearence of wearing stockings and gloves. Her eyes are a rather staggering purple, however, almost black. For those that know how to summon her, she can be a boon, but like all of her kind, drawing on her aid for too long can utterly destroy a person. Leansidhe was likely a pixie of inspiration like Abby long ago, and just got enough favors and attention to help her build power. Abby does not come up with ideas for mortals (which isn’t to say she doesn’t have many ideas swirling around her little head), but rather she gives them Inspiration, which stimulates their mind and allows them to come up with ideas for themselves- be those ideas wonderous or terrible.


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