Dreaming's Lord of Atlanta


High Concept: The Dream Lord of Atlanta
Trouble: Pains and Promisies Remembered
Background: From one Hell to Another
Rising Action: Freedom Well Earned


Ariel has lived more or less a quiet, reflective life in the Nevernever since he was freed from the Wizard Prospero’s service and Oberon was imprisoned by Titania. When Oberon was freed, he sought out Ariel to have a kindred spirit to commiserate over the pains of being imprisoned in a tree. Ariel has some sympathy for Oberon, and, lacking the ambitions of the mischievous Puck, seems to be an ideal replacement as lieutenant for the treacherous Sidhe. When Summerhill was murdered and the Queens and Kings of Faerie were considering who they would put forth as Lords of the city, Oberon proposed Ariel. Titania, Mab, and the Erlking agreed that he would be a fitting replacement for Summerhill, due to his history and temperament.


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