Sam Berl

Half-Nixie Prof High Concept
Need to Know Trouble
Raised by Another Background
Deal or No Deal Rising Action

OLD ASPECTS (For Reference
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Superb:+5 Scholar, Lore
Great:+4 Discipline, Athletics
Good:+3 Resources, Presence
Fair:+2 Contacts, Deceit
Average:+1 Empathy, Conviction

Aquatic (-1): can’t drown, move better in water
Inhuman Recovery(-1): catch Cold Iron

Thaumaturgy (-3)
Refinement[-1]- 2 specializations

Doctor(Surgeon)(-1)- You may
use your Scholarship skill to declare appropriate
justification for the recovery of moderate
physical consequences when outside a medical
facility, and for the recovery of severe physical
consequences within a medical facility. For
research purposes, gain +1 on Scholarship
for any medical research and an additional +1
in a specific area of medicine.

Physical: •••
Mental: •••
Social: •••••
Mild: Any Stress: -2
Moderate: Any Stress: -4
Severe: Any Stress: -6

Enchanted item slots
[Hat of Mental Protection +4]

Specialization bonuses (max=Lore skill=5)
+1: Ward complexity, crafting (item strength), crafting (use frequency)


A changeling (half-nixie) professor of surgery at Emory.

Sam Berl

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