Caleb Paul

Special Boy High Concept
Untapped Potential Trouble
I Wanna Be Just Like Daddy Rising Action
Down the Rabbit Hole First Adventure
- Guest Stars
- Guest Stars Redux

Just Like a Bedtime Story: Caleb is young enough to believe anything and take it at face value. He gains a +2 bonus to Lore checks when attempting to identify a the nature of a supernatural being or creature.

Conviction 5, Lore 4, Discipline 2, Empathy 3, Athletics 3, Rapport 2


Caleb Paul is Adrian Paul‘s five year-old son. His father has told him wondrous and terrifying stories of monsters and magic and Caleb can’t get enough of it! He thinks these things are exciting and cool, but a part of him knows they are dangerous as well. Lately he has become friends with Cameron Dodd, who he calls “Cammy,” even though Cameron is five years older than Caleb. Cameron took him into the Never-never, though by Caleb’s reckoning they didn’t stay very long. Caleb is a very friendly child and would never try to hurt anyone or anything except to defend himself or someone he cared about.

Caleb Paul

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