Don Marquis


In terms of mechanics, Don is somewhere between a focused practitioner and an emissary of power— about all he does is summon fae and make deals with them for things. He isn’t a knight, but he’s also not much of a caster unless he makes the right deals.

Wheeler and Dealer High Concept
Running on Empty Trouble
I Still Believe in Fairies Background
Know Who You Know Rising Action
- First Adventure
- Guest Stars
- Guest Stars Redux
Superb:1 Lore
Great:2 Discipline, Rapport
Good:2 Deceit, Contacts
Fair:3 Empathy, Conviction, Alertness
I Read It In a Book Once: Allows him to use Lore instead of Contacts when trying to get ahold of a supernatural entity.
The Politics of Faerie: Don is so used to dealing with the fey that he gets a +2 bonus when trying to decieve them and they get a -2 pentalty when trying to trick him.
Channelling: -2
Thaumaturgy: -3
Mild: Any Stress: -2
Moderate: Any Stress: -4
Severe: Any Stress: -6

Don is a burley black man with barely any teeth, but not because he eats too many sweets. Don has made deals with all sorts of fae, and he lost his teeth to tooth fairies in exchange for somthing he must have found valuable. Don was always considered a weird one by his folks, especially since fairy tales don’t have as much traction or history in the Black community as they do in Anglo or Old-World communities. He was always seen peaking under bushes and old logs, and everyone thought he was a little off for it. When he was a young boy, however, he did catch a pixie in a fairy ring (a ring of mushrooms) and knew enough to ask it for its name in exchange for its freedom. As he got older, he was able to make deals for other names or gifts, making him a well known figure in the faerie courts. Neither Summer nor Winter is bothered too much by him, however, since he tends to remain pretty small-time, asking for petty gifts like money or trivial information (in the fae’s opinion) and doesn’t bother any sidhe. However, those few sidhe who do take notice of him know that he’s not as foolish as most mortals, and they feel he could potentially make a powerful ally or a dangerous enemy, not because he has all that much innate power, but because he knows more than he thinks he does.

Don Marquis

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