Ella St. Claire

Potion Mistress High Concept
Daddy’s Credit Card Trouble
Who Am I, Really? Background
Ella Enchanted Rising Action
A Druid of the Hills First Adventure
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- Guest Stars Redux

Ritual [-2] (Crafting/Potions)
Channeling [-2] (Water)

Discipline 4, Lore 3, Conviction 2, Scholarship 3, Resources 4, Empathy 2

Ella almost always has two potions on her person or in her bookbag. Most of the time they are minor potions of alterness or energy, but if prompted she can brew much more complex and powerful potions.


Ella was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and was raised up by her father’s pursestrings. For most of her life, that meant doing what she was told and never dallying with the wrong crowd, but when she went to Emory to study art history, she got a taste of freedom she had never experienced before. She took to dressing in artsy clothes and hanging around with hipsters, musicians and artists. A friend of hers who was trying to get into hip-hop introduced her to a man named Rico Dominguez, who she is dating now. Another group of friends told her about some “druids” in the North Druid Hills area, and Ella thought, at first, that it was just some kind of alternative club for college students. When she went to join this “club,” however, she was surprised to see people of all ages, from middle school students to withered old crones, were a member of this druids’ circle. Ella, always open minded and liking to think that nothing could shock her, took to magic as quickly as she did to any other subject. She has a particular interest in potions because she likes to brew up things to help her focus, give her energy, relax her, or occasionally give her some other ability— even some incredibly potent abilities.

Ella St. Claire

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