Erica Swanson

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Erica Swanson was always a lithe, lovely little girl. Early on, she was captivated by the idea of becoming a fashion model, and her family was more than happy to support her on the road to fame and fortune. Then puberty hit, and she began to fill out in ways that the modeling industry deemed unacceptable. Her dreams were about to be shattered by her own body chemistry, and there didn’t seem to be anything she could to about it. Until Puck came along. To her, he only seemed like an obsessed fan, but after storming away from him in a fit of rage, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and nearly screamed. The woman there was perfect— still her, but almost inhumanly beautiful. Svelte, graceful, poised, everything Erica needed to be in order to blow the fashion industry out of the water. And almost a second later, that woman was gone, showing Erica with all her awkward curves once again. And then, she made a deal. It seemed perfect and harmless: she agreed that if Puck would make her look like that, then when her career was over, she would give him a child. As far as she was concerned, it was a safe bargain: by the time a woman that lovely retired, she’d be well beyond her child-bearing years, and if she wasn’t, why would she care about some child?

For five years, her career shot upward with no sight of the red-haired fey. The sky seemed to be the limit, and she was soaring. Then, as if by fate, one of her heels caught in a door of the subway train and she tripped and fell onto a skinny young guy with already thinning hair. He appologized to her, even though it was obviously her fault, and offered to buy her coffee to make it up to her. His face was bright red and he stammered his way through the request, but she found him unusually endearing. They started dating and within a month she couldn’t see herself living without him. He proposed soon after that, and she accepted. However, with his academic career about to take off and her job already dragging her halfway around the world, she knew she had to choose between Dr. Reginald Smythe and her career. It was really no choice. She called her agent and canceled her next few gigs, planning on taking Reggie on a vacation after going to see a judge and signing a marriage certificate.

Right after getting off the phone, she saw Puck again in the mirror. She let out a scream, but couldn’t renege on her deal. In order to spare Reggie the pain of thinking she’d been unfaithful, she made up a story about a gig taking her to Milan and just never came back.

She’s trapped in the Never-Never caring for her changling daughter. Every night she weeps, and she’s wept so often that now she bleeds rather than make tears. She would only return to the human world if she believed Reggie would take her back, and she doubts he would after all this time.

Erica Swanson

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