Gina Swanson

Half-Sidhe Occultist High Concept
To Take the Road Less Travelled? Trouble
Daddy Says I’m His Fairy Princess Background
Theatrics in My Blood Rising Action
The Show Must Go On First Adventure
You Attack One of Us, You Attack Us All Guest Stars
Guest Stars Redux

Superb: Performance Presence
Great: Lore, Athletics
Good: Deciet, Rapport
Fair: Alertness, Endurance
Average: Driving, Investigation

Inhuman Speed [-2]
Inhuman Recovery [-2]
Glamours [-2]
The Catch [+3]

Personal Magnetism: You have a calm confidence that others find “appealing”. When rolling Presence to establish a passive reaction to you, make the roll at +2.


Gina is an actress and dancer who works in an occult shop. She is nineteen years old and no longer lives with her foster parents— both former Broadway actors.

Gina Swanson

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