Jolly Roger

Puck's Right Hand Goblin


(Note, all goblins are technically beholden to the Erlking- hence why it is by his goodwill that the Goblin Market is allowed to exist. Not all goblins, however, share the stats of their hunting bretherin. DO NOT assume Roger or other goblins will or should match the stats for goblins found in Our World.)


“Jolly” Roger is a goblin with an affection for shiny objects, intoxicating spirits, and watching mortals rend each other limb from limb. He is a sharp-toothed, gnarled, and scrawney creature whose stature belies his actual strength. Like other goblins, he can be alarmingly persuasive, particularly when he chants or sings. It is not known why Roger chose to betray his master (the Erlking) and serve Puck, but he has (ironically) been one of Puck’s most loyal (and secretive) supporters for centuries. He has a small band of other loyal goblins who folow and serve him, but their names are unknown, and it is unknown how many other goblins may sympathize with him within the Summer Court or Wild Hunt.

Jolly Roger

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