Elisabeth Stenson

| Aspect | |
Witchy Woman High Concept
Lawbreaker Trouble
Go Ahead, Try It Background
She’s a Restless Spirit on an Endless Flight Rising Conflict
On the Lam The Story
- Guest Star
- Guest Star Redux
Superb:2 Discipline, Lore
Great:2 Empathy, Deceit
Good:2 Conviction, Rapport
Fair:2 Alertness, Presence
Average:2 Stealth, Driving

Evocation [-3] (Water, Force, Air)
Thaumaturgy [-3] (?)
Refinement [-1] (?)
The Sight [-1]
Lawbreaker (?) [-?]


Liz is quiet, shy, and, though most wouldn’t think it to look at her, a fairly powerful spellcaster. Her nerves seem to be shot and she always has a look to her that she’s afraid the FBI, or more likely the Wardens, are going to come smashing in through the windows to take her away. As far as anyone in town has known her, though, she has never done anything harmful to anyone. She crafts the wards for the Last Howl and has been known to brew a few potions or set up a few veils from time to time, but nothing that would warrant all that much attention or suspicion. As far as anyone knows, she’s from Washington state, had a fairly safe and happy youth, and moved South for reasons she doesn’t ever seem to settle on. Sometimes she says it was for school, others she says it was to get a fresh start, others she says it was for a man, but it’s rarely the same story twice.

Elisabeth Stenson

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