Mad Charlie

Puck's Knight


Mad Charlie, also called Chaz the Mad or the Mad Knight, was given the gift of a knight’s title and a smattering of power, without the added benefit of any acknowledgement from any of the Accorded powers. Puck seems to find this hilarious, but Charlie is rather uncontent with the lack of respect he gets. Because of this, he puts on airs- of a sort. When Puck hasn’t sent him on a mission, Charlie ‘keeps court’ in the alleys of whatever city he is in. He feeds the homeless since they are the only ones who are equally unsound enough (or, just as often, hungry enough) to call him ‘Sir Knight’ and entertain his delusions. However, since the food he shares is fairy food and wine, the people who eat it find themselves in the debt of Puck or Charlie himself, when they aren’t killed in the resulting revelry of his court gathering.

Charlie was born Charles Atkinson of Dougherty St. in London in 1972. He was a vary creative child, but as he got older, he suffered from a nervous breakdown in his teens and began entertaining delusions (possibly fueled by schitzophrenia or some other mental disorder). He found himself on the streets shortly thereafter. When Puck found him, Charles amused Puck so much with his ravings that Puck gave him the title of Knight and just enough power to make him a fairly serious threat to the Knights of Winter and Summer, though he has nowhere near the amount of power that they do. Puck also gave him the The Shattering Sword in order to help him defend himself from those Knights and to attend to whatever duties Puck may have for him.

Mad Charlie

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