Lt. Catalina Montgomery

One of Atlanta's Finest

One of Atlanta’s Finest High Concept
Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don’t Trouble
No Chains Can Hold Me Background
I Will Fear No Evil Rising Action
Those Who Live By the Sword… First Adventure
- Guest Stars
- Guest Stars Redux
Superb: -
Great: Driving, Guns, Intimidation
Good: Presence, Alertness, Investigation
Fair: Athletics, Empathy, Might, Craftsmanship
Average: Contacts, Fists, Rapport, Stealth
Devout Words: You may use your conviction to block a physical conflict, potentially preventing someone from making a combat action against you.
Shake the Tail: When you are being followed in a car chase, you have a real talent for sudden turns to shake off your pursuers. Gain +2 to driving in such case.
Scene of the Crime:
Good Cop: She can use Presence to trick people into thinking she’s on their side so they’ll give her information she needs. She gains a +2 to presence for this.
Mild: Any Stress: -2
Moderate: Any Stress: -4
Severe: Any Stress: -6

Lt. Catalina Mongomery was born and raised in Atlanta and is damned proud of it. She is as much an intrinsic part of this city as it is a part of her. She came from Downtown, with barely an education or any food to eat. Fortunately for her, Father Rodriguez had created a warm and inviting church with a number of opportunities for a young girl like her to use to escape from the dangers of street life. With Rodriguez’s help, she earned enough scholarships to go to Oglethorpe University and study criminal justice. Just before she left for school, however, she entered into a relationship with a man named Andre. Andre would beat her black and blue and tried to convince her she was too stupid for college, too poor to enter the police, and too ugly to find any other man who would take her. In confession, she revealed to Father Rodriguez that she was considering killing Andre just to escape him, but the Father was able to reassure her of her innate goodness and encouraged her to leave him as soon as she could. She did break up with Andre, but she later found out that he had been convicted of the murder of the next girl he dated. She was horribly guilt ridden, feeling she could have endured him if it meant sparing the girl, but in the end, she merely strengthened her resolve to become a police officer and make sure brutes like him couldn’t get away with murder or abuse.

After becoming a cop, she learned that the evils in Atlanta were somewhat… beyond the ken of normal human beings. She’s seen people torn apart by animals that don’t exist in any zoo, people completely drained of blood, and people who walk around dazed like stoners, but whose tox. reports come back clean and their psych profile shows no history of trauma. She has saved children from following strange dancing lights into traffic and fought what she can only describe as demons. She doesn’t know why, but it seems that in every case she gets involved in, someone gets pulled from the brink of death. When one of her fellow officers asked her how she can keep believing in a God that puts her face to face with such evil and so much death, she furrows her brows and declares that God placed her in those situations to fight the evil, and that she’ll be damned before she turns her back on those people or her Lord.

Lt. Catalina Montgomery

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