The Green Man High Concept
Thou Shalt Not From This Grove ’Til I Torment Thee For This Injury Trouble
Am I Not Thy Lord? Rising Action
Make Her Full of Hateful Fantasies First Adventure

Oberon is as powerful as Titania, and more powerful than Puck. DO NOT FUCK WITH HIM.


Oberon is trapped in the wildest reaches of Summer. Titania has made a tree grow into him. I don’t mean that he’s stuck in a tree, I mean the tree is growing in him, through him, and around him. His insides are being torn to pieces by the brambles of this tree. His limbs are slowly torn again and again as the wood that traps them grows ever taller. His flesh is constantly stabbed by splinters and shards of wood. Sap blinds his eyes and chokes his throat. His chest, face, and manhood are not encased in wood because, despite what he did to her and despite how much she hates him, Oberon is still one of Titania’s favorite consorts and it pleases her to lie with him from time to time. Much like Slade loved Mab, Oberon loves his queen, and just as much he hates her. Oberon cannot die, but neither does he live. His life is perpetuated by the tree.

Oberon knows how to make many powerful and subtle potions. It’s what got him into this mess


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