"CJ" Caleb Joseph Patterson

Lie-Detecting Rookie Cop

Lie-Detecting Cop High Concept
Fresh From the Bull Pen Trouble
Be the Best You Can Be Background
Heart on Sleeve Rising Action
Not as Easy as It Looks First Adventure
Pinch Hitter Guest Stars
Guest Stars Redux
Great:3 Alertness, Investigation, Empathy
Good:3 Conviction, Guns, Athletics
Fair:4 Endurance, Survival, Discipline, Presence
Average:5 Fists, Rapport, Driving, Might, Stealth
Fleet Foot- When sprinting, gain +2 to Athletics.
Pin the Tail- Gain +2 to Investigation when trying to keep track of a target during Surveillance. When Shadowing someone using stealth, you may use Investigation to compliment Stealth check.
Fast Reload- Take no penalty when reloading as supplementary action; anything concerning ability or speed to reload gains +1 to roll.
Baseball Ace- Roll Athletics instead of weapons to throw manual projectiles or swing blunt objects.
Supernatural Powers
Lie Detection- When talking to another person or intelligent creature, you are able to tell if they are intentionally lying. This does not work against targets who believe they are telling the truth or were given false information.
Physical: •••
Mental: ••••
Social: •••
Mild: Any Stress: -2
Moderate: Any Stress: -4
Severe: Any Stress: -6
Adjusted Refresh/ Fate Points: 4

A twenty-six year old rookie cop who just so happens to have the ability to tell when other people are lying to him. He is six feet even with short brown hair and dark eyes. He is of medium build.

CJ Patterson was born the first child to a detective for the Atlanta Police Department, Joshua, and a middle school teacher, Virginia. When CJ was thirteen his father was killed in the line of duty. After this CJ grew closer to his siblings, Laura and Steven, and mother. CJ idolized his father and wanted to become a cop, maybe even become a detective too, to honor the man.

CJ however had another passion than to grow-up to be a cop, as he loved to play baseball. CJ has played baseball since little league, then high school baseball, then college ball and later minor league. However he stepped down from baseball to follow his commitment to become a cop. He regularly attends Braves games, most often with his brother Steven.

During his college days, CJ had a (now ex) girlfriend, Adrianna West, who began to act strangely, such as missing classes or blowing off her friends to do disappear to who knows where. CJ decided to follow her one day and discovered the night club, Lost Love, a location run by Jonathan Richards (unbeknownst to CJ a White Court vampire). When CJ tried to take Adrianna home, Richards attempted to dissuade CJ by offering him various temptations (women, money, drugs, etc.). However CJ’s talent revealed that this was a trap and was able to remove Adrianna from Richards’ influence and she eventually returned to normal.

Personal Supporting Cast:
Virginia Smith- (51) CJ’s mother, a middle school teacher who remarried a couple years after her first husband, Joshua Patterson, died. Kindly and an excellent cook, she is very close to her children.
Laura Patterson- (23) CJ’s sister who is currently studying abroad in France, she majored in Art History and is continuing her education.
Steven Patterson- (20) CJ’s brother who goes to Kennesaw State University on a scholarship, he plans to transfer over to Georgia Tech next year. He too has an ingrained love for baseball but doesn’t aspire to play for a school or in any professional leagues.
Lee Smith- (53) CJ’s step-father and a reasonable, mellow guy. He works at Kennesaw State University as a professor. He understands he can’t replace Josh, but he still cares for the Patterson kids as his own, who in turn do respect him.
Eddie Cabrera- (26) CJ’s best friend on and off the force and fellow rookie. From a family of cops, Eddie admires CJ’s determination to follow in his father’s footsteps. On a side note, he really loves doughnuts and is not afraid of being a stereotype.
Adrianna West- An old ex of CJ’s, but still one of CJ’s closest friends, she finds it amusing that CJ can tell if a person is lying or not. A couple of years ago, she discovered she was a lesbian. Adrianna is a real artist, favoring sculpting and is a somewhat capable mechanic. Her stuff is often abstract and she strives for better works.
Jonathan Richards- CJ once insulted this member of the White Court and Richards doesn’t like him, especially now that he’s a cop and can possibly impede in his affairs. CJ’s dislike of him is mutual.
Jen Thorne- CJ’s girlfriend who works at a bar that CJ and Eddie frequent. She’s tied into the magical community, but doesn’t make it common knowledge that she is.

"CJ" Caleb Joseph Patterson

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