Mischeif Maker

That Merry Wanderer of the Night High Concept
Ill Met By Moonlight, Proud Titania Trouble
I Jest to Oberon and Make Him Smile Background
If We Shadows Have Offended Rising Action

That You Know Of
The Catch [+3] Cold iron and the like.
Mythic Speed [-6]
Inhuman Recovery [-2]
Glamours [-2]
Supernatural Senses (Strange Senses) [-1] Can feel and smell the presence of and Court affiliation of fae near him.
Marked By Power [-1] Anyone can sense he is Marked by Summer. It takes skill to know how he came by this mark and what it means.


To most mortals without the Sight, Puck likes to make himself look as fair and fetching as any fey, but avoids giving his guise a distinct gender. His preferred guise has catlike green eyes and red hair that is the color and shape of flame, and he likes to dress in ostentatious clothes. Those who can sense magic or view Puck with the Sight see him as he is traditionally depicted: a satyr of sorts surrounded by a field and innumerable wild animals and dancing shadows. However, no one can clearly tell to which Court he belongs, be it Summer or Winter, due mainly to the fact that he has been exiled from Summer for his slight against Queen Titania. It is unknown at this point why he was exiled and whether he has any real connections to Winter or the Wyldfae. He is a very powerful sidhe, however, and one should cross him only when prepared to be crossed in kind.

He gave his True Name to Marco Verde, Sam Berl, and Samuel Nash, perhaps believing that they wouldn’t appreciate the significance, or perhaps suspecting that even if they could summon him, they couldn’t contain him.


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