Rico Dominguez

Gangster With a Heart of Gold High Concept
Not A Penny in the Till Trouble
Left Me For Dead Rising Action
Making Me Look Bad First Adventure
- Guest Stars
- Guest Stars Redux

Getaway Driver – Rico gains a +2 to cars when he is trying to get himself or his friends away from a situation, FAST!
Pop a Cap in Yo’ Ass! – Rico can use Guns for Intimidation when he is armed.

Guns 4, Cars 4, Conviction 3, Rapport 3, Endurance 3, Fists 2


Rico never had much of a home. His mother was sickly and his father was gone. When his mother passed, he was thirteen years old. He got sent to live with an uncle in Atlanta, but the guy was an abusive asshole who constantly told Rico he would never amount to anything. Then, one day, Rico came home from school and his uncle wasn’t home. Most of his stuff was gone except for some dried food in the cupboard, some really heavy furniture, and some of Rico’s clothes. Before Rico could question what happened some gangsters broke in and demanded to know where his uncle had gone and where their money was. Apparently, his uncle was a bad gambler and had made deals with the wrong bookie. Since Rico didn’t have an answer, the gangsters beat him to a bloody pulp and left him to die.

One of Rico’s neighbors, a young boy named Marco Verde came in and saved his life. Much later, the two of them paid a visit to the gangster who had beaten Rico up and paid him back in kind. Rico decided to learn how to shoot a gun to keep such a thing from happening to him again. As Marco’s posse grew, Rico and some of the guys have made some bad choices, and Rico is usually in charge of getting them out of trouble. Sometimes this means he pays off other thugs to let them go, others it means he drives like hell away from the situation, and sometimes he just has to take the trouble out of the picture, and a .45 caliber bullet usually does the trick. He hates doing it, though, because he knows it makes Marco look bad and that one of these days the posse isn’t going to be able to protect him from the police.

Rico has really been trying to set himself straight since he started dating Ella St. Claire. He was the driving force (no pun intended) behind the opening of the car shop, but he doesn’t have the charisma or leadership skills Marco has to keep the posse in line. With all the debts he’s accumulated for the posse and all the dark stuff in his past, he doesn’t think he’ll ever make her a really good boyfriend, but he’s doing the best he can.

Rico Dominguez

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