Rob Nash

Brother Bear

Brother Bear High Concept
Leave the Past Behind Trouble
Saved from the Rubble Background
Don’t Tread on Me Rising Conflict
Defend What’s Mine The Story
- Guest Star
- Guest Star Redux
Human Form
Superb:2 Intimidation, Fists
Great:2 Endurance, Contacts
Good:2 Rapport, Presence
Fair:2 Might, Alertness
Average:2 Athletics, Discipline
Beast Form
Superb:2 Might, Athletics
Great:2 Fists, Endurance
Good:2 Survival, Presence
Fair:2 Alertness, Intimidation
Average:2 Conviction, Discipline


-1 Beast Change
-1 Echoes of the beast
+1 Human Form
-2 Inhuman Speed
-2 Inhuman Toughness
-1 Claws
-1 Pack Instincts

Physical:Human XXXX Beast XXXX (X)
Mental:Human/Beast XXX
Social:Human XXXX Beast XXX

Adjusted Refresh 1


His real name is Rob Nash, a cousin of Sam’s, but Sam took to calling him Brother Bear. Rob can become a bear the same way Nash can turn into a coyote. Because Sam never got along too well with his actual brothers and because Rob got taken in by Sam’s father after a bitter divorce between Rob’s parents that led his mother to move halfway across the country and his father to drink himself into a stupor, the two of them became pretty close. Rob doesn’t talk much and prefers to let his sheer size say more than his mouth could. Because of the drama his mother caused to the whole family, sometimes Rob catches heat that should be directed towards her, and he hates every bit of it. He followed Sam east on the promise of a job and as a chance to get away from the rather stiffling family politics of the Nashes.

Rob Nash

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