Dream Catcher


This dream catcher causes people to live out their dreams: literally. If they fall asleep in the same building where the dream catcher is, they have one of the most vivid dreams they’ve ever had in their lives to the point that they may not even realize they are asleep. Their body, in turn, acts as they would if they were actually doing what they were dreaming. Think you’re falling off a building, for example? You are… However, not all dreams are nightmares, and sometimes people who survive these dreams are greatly changed for the better from their experience.


The Nash family is decended from Native Americans, and somewhere along the line the family inherited this dream catcher. They did not realize its significance, believing it to be little more than commercialized crap that had popped up in the 60’s or something, and it went into storage. It had originally been crafted to help Native American spellcasters become acquainted with the Sight and the influence of the supernatural in contrast with the natural. In fact, the Nash line is decended from those same spellcasters who used transformative spells to try and become more in touch with nature and to fight off the more detructive supernatural influences.

Dream Catcher

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