Spear of Destiny

weapon (melee)

For mechanics purposes, it acts as a Sword of the Cross, but it acts as a Knife (weapon 1) instead of a Sword (weapon 2). If affixed to a shaft, it becomes a Two-Handed weapon (weapon 3), but a shoddy shaft will break, especially in the hands of an untrained wielder. A successful weapons check could upgrade the weapon to a Two-Handed weapon with a quality shaft, making the bonus relatively permanent. Only the head itself is indestructible. There is only one Spear of Destiny in the entire world.


The Spear of Destiny is either a holy or an unholy object, depending on how you look at it. It is the head of the spear that pierced Christ’s side while he was on the Cross. The shaft has long since deteriorated. There are rumors that the weapon has done the Lord’s work, but other rumors claim it can only be used for evil purposes. It is a bronze spearhead with an eerie shine on it, and when wielded, never seems to get any blood on it.

Spear of Destiny

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