Atlanta Rising

Friends in Need

This session, the boys were at first worried about the investigation of the warden Constance Esther Grace Harper, but before they could be too worried about her, they found themselves in the middle of an investigation of their own. The cadaver of Shequan Thatcher brought into Sam Berl‘s class was apparently possessed by a demon, bad news by anyone’s reckoning. The asked Father Rodriguez about what he knew, and were advised that the man could either have put the demon in himself or have had the demon put in him by someone else. They quickly determined that he could not have done it to himself, and that it was likely that he was attacked because he was worried about an abused student of his, Lawrence “Larry” McDunnough. They decided to confront Larry’s mentor, Kyle Weisenburg, and quickly learned that the mentor was in league with their old friend, Puck, having exchanged his foster son Cameron Dodd for the name of the demon. The session ended with Weisenburg’s associate Derrick Jeter and girlfriend Tara Shane trying to deter then, and Weisenburg bewitching or possessing Larry, and the boy then attacking Nash.

Previews of Coming Attractions

Atlanta is the city too busy to hate (or to love, for that matter), and if the boys thought they were out of the frying pan, they have yet to see the fire. A warden is on the trail of Adrian Paul and the trail leads to the guys who tried to save him from himself, and Isis herself wants this man protected. Just when they thought things couldn’t get any worse, a demonic spirit rushed out of a patient (or corpse, depending) that Dr. Berl was performing surgery on for his students’ benefit. Can the boys keep their necks when so many entities want to rend their heads from their shoulders? Find out next time in Atlanta Rising!

Their Eyes Were Watching

Sam Berl, Samuel Nash, and Marco Verde learned of the theft of the Eye of Horus. Marco wanted to help find it because his friend Rico Dominguez and Rico’s girlfriend Ella St. Claire were suspects. Dr. Berl knew of the item’s power and wanted to find it, not only to keep the various mortals who might encounter it safe, but also to keep his job, since apparently some of his innate abilities have made him somewhat unpopular to the various deans and regents in charge of the school, and if any insurance money were to be paid, cutting his salary entirely would balance out the cost of the item fairly well. Mr. Nash was pressured by his family to keep an eye on the Eye, and when it went missing, he knew he would catch their crap.

Particularly unusual to Berl and Nash was the interest a Mrs. Edgeview had in them. She seemed to see right through them and correctly assessed that they might appreciate the significance of the item’s loss. After having Bobby, one of Berl’s students hack into some files to findout the information her licence plate, they followed Mrs. Edgeview to her presidential suite at the Hilton, and they learned quickly that she was Isis, the mother of the god Horus whose Eye it was. She promised a favor to Nash and Marco in exchange for its return (not offering a gift to Berl due to his fey-born nature).

As they looked for the Eye, they became increasingly concerned of its power, learning that it had the ability to shatter the minds of people against whom it was used. Despite not wantin to get the White Council involved, they were forced to have Nash’s family contact a warden to tend to a security guard who caught the full brunt of the Eye’s force. More than that, they learned that at least one being interested in the Eye was a fey of unknown allegiance, raising the stakes. They came to find that the man who most likely had the eye was being chased by trolls, probably sent by the unknown fey from the museum. They had to use one of Nash’s contacts, a sorcerer named Don to have a tooth-fairy find the location of the theif, Adrian Paul. In doing this, they learned that the fey who was sending the trolls was no friend of Summer. They went to find Paul and ran into a troll and killed it. Paul escaped, but they learned the fey who sent the troll was Puck, as well as Puck’s location, and hoped to use this information to get the agents of Summer in Atlanta to take out their only obvious competition for the eye.

The agent they got was the sidhe lord Lord Summerhill, and while he could not take out Puck directly, he offered to help them get Paul in exchange for them placing a potion on Puck that would ensure the Summer Court could always locate him, no matter how far or fast he ran. When they went to place this potion on Puck, trouble really got started for the party.

Though Puck inadvertently gave the party his True Name, he grabbed the upper hand over them quickly. Marco was a bit too slow on the draw for his water gun filled with the potion, and Puck threatened Berl’s life before Marco could pull the trigger. The fairy forced Marco and Nash to leave so he could interrogate Berl. He tricked Berl, learning what was in the water gun and getting the doctor to agree to a very bad deal in the process. Puck’s exact words were that he would see to it no nixie owned Berl’s foster-parents’ debt and that he would not purchase the debt from any non-nixie who may have obtained the debt over the years— essentially granting Puck permission to get ahold of the Berls’ debt for himself.

The party left Puck’s hotel, more dejected than anything else, and resolved to use Nash’s abilities to locate Paul. When they did find him, they were able to scare him into dropping the Eye. Horus appeared and demanded the eye, but when Berl wouldn’t give it to him (having promised to return it to Isis, not Horus), the goddess appeared and took it from them to give to her son. She then cleared Paul’s mind of the strain he had incured from using the Eye and the party took him home. Afterwords, Isis reappeared and gave them words of advice- essentially warning them that they could either become great or let their previous mistakes rule them. She then granted Nash and Marco favors in the form of two scarabs and disappeared again to leave them to their own devices.


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