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  • Puck

    To most mortals without the Sight, Puck likes to make himself look as fair and fetching as any fey, but avoids giving his guise a distinct gender. His preferred guise has catlike green eyes and red hair that is the color and shape of flame, and he likes …

  • Cameron Dodd

    Cameron is about ten years old, clever, and mischievous. Very mischievous, dangerously so. His foster father [[:weisenburg]] even seems to encourage some of his more egregious acts of cruelty.

  • Kyle Weisenburg

    Mr. Weisenburg has slowly been trying to build power. What he lacks in actual magical potency, he makes up in having just the right amount of charisma to make sure it never becomes an issue. He knows people. And non-people. Entities who can grant him …

  • Derrick Jeter

    Jeter is a fire-caller and a thug who works with or for [[:weisenburg]]. He doesn't talk much.[[:puck]] snapped his neck when he became a hindrance.

  • Jolly Roger

    "Jolly" Roger is a goblin with an affection for shiny objects, intoxicating spirits, and watching mortals rend each other limb from limb. He is a sharp-toothed, gnarled, and scrawney creature whose stature belies his actual strength. Like other goblins, …

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