The Last Howl is Samuel Nash‘s place. It is frequented by many of Atlanta’s magically inclined denizens, some of whom prefer to keep their heads down. The bar is too far off Emory’s campus for students to frequent it, but in a nice enough area to keep too many of the seedy underbelly from crashing the joint.

Aspect: Common Ground

The bar itself is a southwestern theme with a mural along the walls of a desert sunset. There are a few booths and tables set up around the floor. The bar itself has several stools, along with a impressive array of liqueur along the wall behind it. There is a video game machine at the end of the bar, but no matter how much Sam fiddles with the settings it stays stuck in free play mode.

The basement holds storage for various things that are needed around the bar, with a hidden door behind a cabinet that leads to Liz’s room of magical stuff. The room has a simple table with a pair of stools, the walls are lined with shelves with jars, bottles and various containers. The contents only known by labels with nothing more then a few letters.

Upstairs there are a couple of guest rooms, with a bed, desk, chair and mirror. Sam will offer a room for someone who needs it, but if the cops or a big player shows up he will just point them in the right direction and stand back.

on the 3rd floor above that is a studio that is where Sam himself lives in. He doesn’t really have many people over besides a few friends, or people he works with. He has the basics he needs for around the house, although his fridge is usually empty because he tends to just make something from the kitchen in the bar.


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