Sam Berl

Half-Nixie Prof High Concept
Born of Two Worlds Trouble
Raised by Another Background
Red Tape Aversion Rising Action
Avid Swimmer First Adventure
Help When Needed Guest Stars
Deal or No Deal Guest Stars Redux
Superb:+5 Scholar, Lore
Great:+4 Discipline, Athletics
Good:+3 Resources, Presence
Fair:+2 Might, Deceit, Conviction
Average:+1 Empathy, Endurance, Fists
+2 points

Aquatic (-1): can’t drown, move better in water
Incite Emotion(-1): ranged, temporary, only when excited (as when lecturing on something he finds interesting).

Thaumaturgy (-3)
Refinement[-1]- 2 specializations

Doctor(Surgeon)(-1)- You may
use your Scholarship skill to declare appropriate
justification for the recovery of moderate
physical consequences when outside a medical
facility, and for the recovery of severe physical
consequences within a medical facility. For
research purposes, gain +1 on Scholarship
for any medical research and an additional +1
in a specific area of medicine.

Physical: •••
Mental: •••
Social: •••••
Mild: Any Stress: -2
Moderate: Any Stress: -4
Severe: Any Stress: -6

Enchanted item slots
[Hat of Mental Protection +4]

Specialization bonuses (max=Lore skill=5)
+1: Ward complexity, crafting (item strength), crafting (use frequency)
Adjusted Refresh: 3 (two +1 milestones)


A changeling (half-nixie) professor of surgery at Emory.

Sam Berl

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