Mild-Mannered Maenad

Mild-Mannered Maenad High Concept
Everybody’s So Different, I’m Still the Same Trouble
Hail, Dionysus! Background
Eternal Ecstasy Rising Action
First Adventure
Guest Stars
Guest Stars Redux
Great:3 Alertness, Weapons, Empathy
Good:3 Conviction, Endurance, Athletics
Fair:3 Might, Survival, Presence
Average:3 Fists, Intimidate, Stealth
Supernatural Powers
Incite Emotion (Ecstasy) – At Range – When LaLa becomes ecstatic, she can incite others to join her revelry in honor of her god.
Marked by Power – LaLa is a devoted follower of Dionysus and acts according to his will.
Supernatural Recovery – LaLa is only able to use this ability when she is ecstatic.
Feeding Dependency – LaLa cannot enter ecstasy without having consumed a goblet of Dionysus’ wine, many bottles of normal wine, or other drugs of sufficient strength and quantity.
Physical: ••••
Mental: ••
Social: •••
Mild: Any Stress: -2
Moderate: Any Stress: -4
Severe: Any Stress: -6
Mild: Hunger Stress: -2
Moderate: Hunger Stress: -4
Severe: Hunger Stress: -6

LaLa was not the Greek maiden’s true name so many centuries ago, but when Dionysus fell from the collective memory of mortal men, she lost a part of herself as well. She is a maenad, a follower and worshiper of Dionysus. She is fairly simple-minded and certainly not aware of mortal technology or modern customs, prefering to walk about in the nude and being generally more trusting than many so accustomed to the fey should be. She weilds a spear when threatened and is well suited to defending her master from any threat, mortal or otherwise.

When Marco named her LaLa, it became her True Name, having lost her former name to time and since LaLa suits her, it stuck. She is filled with renewed purpose with the new name. She partakes more heartily of wine, dances and plays now more than she likely did centuries ago.


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