Marco's Little Book of Magic

a normal mortal's take on magic


Marco has been working on a notebook about the crazy magic stuff that’s happening around him. Originally Sam Berl and Sam Nash supplied the composition notebook with roughly half of it filled out about the Sidhe. The notebook has been supplemented by Father Rodriguez, Ella and by Marco himself. Constance does not know about this book.

Some pages have additions (note cards, post-it notes, even napkins).

How to Deal With the Fae
God vs. Demons
The Nevernever
Magical Hot Spots

How to Deal with the Fae
Rule 1. Don’t
Rule 2. Don’t make deals with the Fae
Rule 3. Don’t accept or give any gifts to them, this applies to food as well
Rule 4. Cold Iron and Steel hurt them
Rule 5. A promise said three times is as close to truth as anything

The Nevernever
-Home of the Fae, Monsters and Ghosts
-Don’t bring iron across the veil
-When entering, take a moment to stop and look around to avoid being lit on fire
-Time flows differently in the Nevernever; sometimes faster, sometimes slower, sometimes back in time

Marco's Little Book of Magic

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